Flash and Strokes Exhibit Opening Reception


On Saturday, August 12, the La Habra Art Association Gallery held an opening reception for Flash and Strokes exhibit featuring the photographs of artist/photographer/world traveller, Romeo Balboa, and paintings of  master multi-media artist, Edwin Tuazon.

La Habra Mayor Rosie Espinosa graced the event, welcomed all the guests, expressed her appreciation to all the artists and  reiterated the need  to promote art in the community as art never ceases to inspire, create a community, and unite people of different genre.







The artists were busy all throughout the morning entertaining the gallery visitors, showing their works and expounding on their creative process.  Romeo Balboa aims to let the viewer feel as if he is in fact in the exact place and time the photo was taken.   Edwin Tuazon’s works can only be described as resulting from a combination of skill and synesthesia.

A couple of other noted artists, Sal Budhz Floriano and Johnny Esj Otilano were in attendance as well and will have one-man shows scheduled for middle of 2018. 




It was a whole day of art, friends old and new, music, and good food.


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