Raoul Pascual, A Scanner


RaoulHis business card reads “Managing Partner, WYNK Marketing (WhatYouNeedtoKnow)” but that is a gross understatement of the make-up of Raoul Pascual.  He is a marketing specialist, web designer, and programmer but also possess a Scanner Personality.  A Scanner is a person with multitude of talents and choose bravely to follow all paths where his gifts will take him instead of focusing on one as society would dictate.  He knew he was an artist at a young age.  In his early years, after a teacher in high school discovered his aptitude in drawing, encouraged him to be the art editor for the school newspaper.  Since then he dabbled on art directing, stage design, developing political cartoons, corporate logos, digital art and flash animation.   He is happiest creating caricatures.  He enjoy making caricatures especially for people who have no voice or no money.  He wants the recipients of his caricatures to sell them if need be if his work suddenly amounts to something.  What sets him apart from other caricaturists is the speed he does them.  He can finish a caricature in less than 10 minutes.  He developed his speed through practice and persistence.  He does life caricatures for non-profit organizations and festivals.  You’ll know his booth because his line would be the longest.

Aside from managing his award-winning marketing company (with a long prominent client list), he also sends out a weekly e-mail Raoul’s TGIFJoke which contain a Joke of the week (selected from e-mail entries from all over the world), Words of Wisdom, anecdotes, comic strip, and a compilation of videos that are classified into funny, pleasant, inspirational, fascinating, spiritual, and interesting.  He collects these jokes and illustrate them with his own drawings.  He prepares the articles for Raoul’s TGIFJoke every Thursday night, for publication on Friday morning.  This is his contribution in freeing mankind from concerns after a long week of hard work.

In one of the Open Mic sessions at the La Habra Art Gallery, Raoul showed another of his talents.  He is a gifted musician, who plays the guitar, harmonica, and the keyboards.  He is also a lyricist having personalized popular spiritual songs with his own lyrics.  His tale of love lost sang in his heart-rending voice and poignant lyrics will cut your heart like a knife.  Geniuses, artists, like Raoul, are not spared from pains and struggles, but they possess the uncanny ability and unrelenting need to tell their story in whatever shape or form.

As serious as his music can be, his caricatures and his logos are original, current, and witty.  His entries in the Animal Affair Art Exhibit at the La Habra Art Gallery (on exhibit until June 27, 2015) possess all these qualities. He does truly follow his mantra in marketing, “Think outside the box”.  In the recent Open Mic Session, Raoul captured the performing artists in caricatures to the delight of all the artists.  The night was the ultimate fusion of art and music.  The caricatures are currently on display at the Gallery.

For artists, creating is intoxicating and enthralling.  Artists need to create something every day to feel complete.  They take every opportunity to create, to express. What’s the next path for Raoul, the  Scanner?    He’s thinking on going to the path of  Animation.  For sure, whatever he would think of, it will be extraordinary.  The world awaits.  He is after all,
not merely an ordinary talented artist but a genius in everything  (well almost anyway) he does.

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