jollyholidayIt’s been more than a year since Mon Concepcion had hosted the first Open Mic Night at the La Habra Art Gallery.  The sessions have been featured in several news media, i.e  Orange County Register, La Habra Journal.  Three major factors that contribute to the success of an open mic night – a welcoming community, the artists, and most of all, a host, who must, not only be a great performer himself, but also be a charismatic mentor to inspire guest artists perform their best, all the while set a positive, non-judgmental atmosphere. On any given night, Mon Concepcion has shown professionalism, given memorable performances while developing and discovering talents.  It’s been several nights of inspired performances, lasting connections, friendships, and overall sense of community.

Be it a spoken word, song, or instrument, let your star shine at the gallery stage and have a good cheer this holiday season.

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