Joy Marivic Santiago

JoyMarivicMarivic, better known as Joy, holds a degree in Nursing from Manila Central University, Philippines.  She practiced Nursing for a while but had always yearned to be part of the entertainment industry and mass communications. She took photography classes at Manila Central University to feed her hunger for expression.  She accepted overseas entertainer job opportunities to help in letting her eight other siblings complete their college education. When she migrated to the US and got married, she made acquaintances and later became friends with photographers, journalists, and became a correspondent for UNTV.  Before long, people noticed her photography skills and her singing talents that she got invitations to capture family events and landed singing engagements.  The Light and Shadow Photo Exhibit at the La Habra Art Gallery in February 2015 inspired her to pursue her passion for photography and hope to have an exhibit of her own someday.  One of her dreams is finally coming true when she joins a fellow journalist, Fe Koons, this Saturday, March 19, 2016 at the Opening Reception of their photo and art exhibit entitled “WOMAN”.  The show will run thru March 27, 2016.